Flyspoon EP

by Flyspoon

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Jaka Strojansek: guitar
Jani Premuzic: vocals
Miha Narobe: drums
Jernej Hribernik: guitar
Matic Strojansek: bass

Alternative rock in Slovenia is experiencing new challenges! Country’s new usurpers and disturbers of peace are in this case called Flyspoon.
The very promising group that deserves to be acknowledged by the foreign listeners, especially USA. Those men act on stage as firmly focused group of five musicians, who - at the very start - knew what their desires and goals are.
They share the same path from the year of 2006 until now and are one of the few groups in Slovenia, that creates a robust and complex modern rock, without compromised trends.
They build music on a strong support of a massive sound wall of a smeared and highly distorted guitar noise, through which is coming angry rhythm line on one side, and on the other a phenomenal, rocky, ‘’grunge-like’’ colored vocal of the singer Jani Premuzic, which persuasively functions in revitalizing emotions with its sheer force.
In these years of joint action, they shared the stage with some of the biggest bands in Slovenia, were included on various compilations, had quite a lot of live performances on television, and got confirmed from the media - they were chosen to be the new hopes of the Slovenian music scene - from RSQ Youngunz Tour, to the Klubski Maraton of the Radio
Student in the year of 2009.
Their demo EP was released in 2010 and is described by the media as it follows:
Flyspoon’s demo is a manifestation of eight excellent tracks which are heralds of clearly identifiable copyrighted stance. By providing high energy and dynamics, their abilities are results of conceptual wit, absolute creativity and desire for artistic confirmation! Therefore on the horizon is a new, authentic, uncut diamond, which is developing completely alone and
independent. The band does the breaking through on the Slovenian scene and financing by themselves, which is evident in this first edition of the group’s self-published music documentary.
After hearing it, the outcome of the studio debut is awaited with great impatience and we hope with fingers crossed that Flyspoon will be detected by a foreign publisher and be introduced abroad.
They are in fact, at the very top, as is known by those familiar with the today’s alternative rock, which builds on the genuine shock therapy of the raw ‘groove’ element.


released August 22, 2011



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